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There is a brand that gives plants more value. That brand is MoreLIPS. A consistent look - 60 different green and flowering potted plants. Your Green Present.

Why us? For retailers

From mere plant shelves to an eye-catcher in the store

Turn plants into gift items and get more out of your plant shelves with MoreLIPS. Give your plant section a visual boost with MoreLIPS. Follow in the footsteps of other retailers who have seen an increase in turnover with this upgrade. Each plant is packaged in a distinctive sleeve. The experience is essential, with the design encouraging impulse buys. In addition, MoreLIPS helps from behind the scenes, with the selection, category management and more.

Morelips best sellers

Complete shelving solution to make it easier for you

Selling plants more effectively starts with smarter shelving. MoreLIPS can help you with that. We work with you to invest in an optimal shelf presentation. The display can be customised to fit your own shelving, or you can use a display trolley or a shelving solution from MoreLIPS.

2015. This is the year when MoreLIPS becomes the first brand to launch a complete plant range for the retail segment. 15
A group of ambitious growers that offer one uniform look and a complete package. 28
The MoreLIPS range includes both green and flowering plants. 60