Give your plants more value with a brand like MoreLIPS.

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Convert your product into a strong retail brand

In stores, products with branding are seen as having higher value by the consumer. Therefore, they sell quicker. Launching a brand is not an option for an individual grower. But now you can collaborate under the umbrella of a brand. MoreLIPS is a breakthrough in a segment that is typified by unbranded products. What grower enjoys seeing their carefully cultivated products sitting anonymously on a retail shelf?

Give your product its own identity
There are currently 28 growers that sell their products under the MoreLIPS brand. These are growers that want to retain their independence but profit from the advantages of collaboration.

  • Sales transparency. With MoreLIPS you gain early insight into your sales figures.
  • Higher sales price. Averaged out over a year, your retail price will be higher than the market.
  • Independence. As a grower, you are always free to enter into other partnerships.
  • Sharing knowledge about market developments. Your cultivation plan will always stay up to date and attractive to retailers.
  • Transparent relationship with retailers and exporters. Transparency for all parties strengthens the MoreLIPS chain.
  • Continual marketing support. Good product photography, attractive sleeves, smart extras... MoreLIPS will take care of this behind the scenes.

Earn More. With MoreLIPS

Want to increase your retail value? Contact us to find out more about the MoreLIPS concept, with no obligation. We are always looking for growers to supply attractive new products or to expand our existing range. With the power of our format, we can also provide added value to your company, while maximising your sales!