More than just a supplier, MoreLIPS is also a partner for your store concept.

Floriday Care tips

Customise your plant shelves

With MoreLIPS, you can design the plant shelves in your store according to your own preferences. You determine which green and flowering plants you purchase. With the MoreLIPS’ Display Creator, you can get an idea of the real-life display.

All the plants have been photographed as they will appear on the shelf. By combining the photos of your favourite products, you can see a realistic image of the display that reflects how consumers will see it in-store. It’s easy to create a custom display.

Advice about selection and volume
Since we have so many retailers in our customer base, we understand consumers like no other. We are eager to share with you the market knowledge we have acquired as a category manager. We can answer questions such as: which green and flowering plants are selling best in your region? Are there colours that sell faster in your country? What is a good purchase volume in relation to the turnover rate and freshness? You can expect clear answers.