MoreLIPS adds brand recognition to the plant shelves in the store.

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Make your plant section more profitable with MoreLIPS

Your plant offering can generate a higher turnover with the help of MoreLIPS. Green and flowering plants that are sold under a brand give the consumer the assurance of quality. The attractive MoreLIPS packaging adds to the inherent emotional value of the plants.

There is a clear trend towards prioritising interior design and comfort at home. Consumers are putting plants higher on their shopping lists. A large proportion of plant sales already take place through the retail channel. However, you can grow this proportion significantly by introducing a brand to your store that turns nameless green and flowering plants into branded goods. A brand that is recognisable, inviting people to make repeat purchases, or enticing them to try another product in the range. And this is just one aspect of MoreLIPS.

Always have a relevant range in the store
With MoreLIPS, you always have the current bestsellers on the shelves. 80% of the range consists of the most popular plants in the green and flowering range, and the other 20% consists of niche products that add a splash of colour and novelty. Continual monitoring of current sales trends keeps the MoreLIPS collection up to date. Through open communication between retailers, exporters and MoreLIPS, any changes in consumer preferences are quickly translated to the store.

Green and flowering plants with a premium appeal
MoreLIPS not only creates a uniform appearance on the shelves, it also creates added value due to the premium quality. The chic design and high-quality packaging enhance the inherent emotional significance of the plants. Consumers are more likely to choose these plants as a gift either for themselves or for someone they care about. This extra added value translates to the bottom line: extra margin for you, the retailer.

MoreLIPS is synonymous with added value
As an experienced category manager, we can help you to optimise your shelves. We actively share market knowledge to keep your range up to date. We invest in good relationships with our suppliers, the growers, which means you can rely on continuity on your shelves. With an eye for innovation, we assess how we can enhance the range, both in terms of the product itself and the presentation.

Taking advantage of campaigns and special days
Want to regularly stimulate consumers with sales campaigns? Due to MoreLIPS’ robust structure, large volume orders are no problem. You can always rely on purchase plans. On occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter, you can actively draw consumers to the MoreLIPS shelves with suitable packaging. We also offer seasonal products for your retail format.


An open relationship between grower, retailer & exporter.

Transparent in relationships

If retailers, growers, and exporters work together optimally, the impact is multiplied. That is why we maintain open, transparent relationships when doing business. Regular meetings keep relationships fresh and vital. Due to the close relationship between retailers, exporters and MoreLIPS, information never slips through the cracks. An agreement is an agreement.


Sustainable production

Consumers want the peace of mind of a sustainably grown product. MoreLIPS feels the same way. That is why we only work with growers that take responsibility for people, the environment and society. All our growers produce according to the MPS-Global GAP certification and therefore must satisfy strict criteria to put their products on the market.

Want to increase the value of your shelves?
With MoreLIPS your plant section will flourish. Want to know how? Contact us for a no-obligation meeting.